Friday, April 6, 2012

Refreshing Lenses

I have been on Squidoo for over 4 years, although it has only been within the past 6 months that I have been working more seriously at it.  My top rated lens is that very first one I put up - on free plastic canvas patterns.  It is in tier 1 for payments and keeps me motivated to produce more quality lenses.  One lesson I learned over time was the importance of refreshing your lenses periodically.

My free plastic canvas patterns lens has been steadily earning since I put it up.  However last year, I noticed I wasn't getting regular payments from Squidoo anymore.  When I did some investigating, my lens rank had gone way up.  (The lower your lens rank, the better.) The lens hadn't been updated since I put it up, so I shouldn't be too surprised.  However, when I updated the lens, the lens rank steadily improved.  Since then, I have tried to refresh it every month or so.  What  a difference that has made!  The lens is back in tier one and remains there.

So the point of this post...  refresh your lenses regularly, especially your top ranked ones.  You could be missing out on income if you don't.  I would suggest editing your top lenses monthly to keep them fresh.

In that spirit, I went in and refreshed my Make Your Own Zhu Zhu Pet Clothes lens.  It hadn't been updated in a year so I know it could be doing better in lens rank.  Other than that, I still need to finish my geocaching for kids lens.   I have started a doc file with all my Squidoo lens ideas.  Much better than keeping them on scraps of paper that somehow end up in the trash :)

Happy Squidooing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun Easter Bunny Movies Lens

Inspired by our family's viewing of the adorable movie Hop over the weekend, I have created a lens of some of our favorite Easter Bunny Movies.  I know it is a bit late to make any sales this Easter, but at least it is up there for next Easter.  I had a lot of fun writing this lens as most of the movies are old favorites that were on tv each spring in the 70's and 80's.  I love that these are now out on DVD so I can share them with my own family.

This new lens brings my total number of lenses up to 21.  However, for Giant Squid purposes, I believe it is around 11.  A lot of the lenses were written on another Squidoo account before I transferred them over.  Now that I am an aspiring Giant Squid, I kind of wish I hadn't done that.

I am hoping to get one more Easter lens done today.  It is a pattern for a crocheted Easter Basket that I created last year and never posted anywhere.  I will be submitting that one for this week's assignment for Rocket Squids.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am on a Quest

I have already discovered that Squidoo is an amazing way to earn some extra spending money each month. A lens I threw out there 4 years ago still makes me money each month though I rarely touch it. I have made it my goal to become a Squidoo Giant Squid and increase my monthly income from Squidoo. This blog will chronicle my journey.