Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update on Goals

In my last post, I gave a list of 4 Squidoo goals that I want to reach.  I am happy to report that I reached two of them this past week.

Here were the goals I set for myself
  • I want to make the next Giant Squid Level. I can apply when I have made 50 lenses.
  • I want to be a Squid Angel. I have sent in my application.
  • I want to get lens of the day.
  • I would love to get my first $100 paycheck from Squidoo. I am averaging between $40 and $50 a month. I am going to be focusing more on longtail keywords and sales lenses with my next 25.

I was notified last week that I was accepted into the Squid Angel program.  It has been so much fun spreading the squid blessings around to deserving lenses!

Yesterday was payday at Squidoo and I am happy to report that I received a $106 paycheck.  Woo-hoo! Having my American Girl Doll Crafts lens in tier one was what bumped me up.  Tier one payout for this month was $84.

In other Squidoo news:

Have you seen all the uproar over the changes Squidoo rolled out over the weekend?  Wow were people ticked off.  Not that I blame them!  Their timing stunk.  Fortunately the changes didn't really affect a lot of my lenses, just those where I had used the item box builder code from Squidtools.  So I am slowly but surely getting those updated.

I created one new lens since my last update.  I thought I would get some Valentines Day lenses out there to see how they do.  Plastic Canvas for Valentines Day

Happy Squidooing!