Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sites to Promote Your Squidoo Lens

So you've written a great Squidoo lens.  Now you need to get some eyeballs on it.  Here is the list of sites to promote your Squidoo lens that I use.  I don't do a huge amount of backlinking.  The sites listed below are generally enough to get the ball rolling.

  • Ping with SquidUtils - this option comes up when you first hit publish your lens if you have the workshop addon installed. If not, just click on the link to submit there.
  • SubmitStart - this free service will submit your site to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  I only submit here immediately after I publish a lens.  If I don't do any lens promotion until a day or two later, then I check to see if I am already on Google, by searching first for my main keyword.  If I don't find it on the first couple of pages, then I search by the url.  If my lens is already on Google, then I don't bother submitting to this service.
  • Squidoo Forum - post in the new lens thread.  Be sure to visit a few other new lenses while you are there.
  • Link to your new lens from other Squidoo lenses you have on a related topic.  You can do this both through the Discovery Tool in the intro module and by using the featured lenses tool on SquidTools.

If I am crunched for time, the above sites are the only ones I do.  However, if I have more time, here are even more sites to promote your Squidoo lens.

Facebook Communities - You will have to join these groups and be approved before you can post.  
Don't just drop your links and run.  Be an active member in the community and comment on other people's posts as well.  Both of the groups below allow you to link to new lenses.  **Be sure to follow each group's guidelines for posting**  Each one operates a little bit differently.

Squidoo Lens Directories
Quick Post Submissions
  • Redgage - You can either write a short post or promote your lens with a link or a photo.  You can also make money on this site depending on how often your content is viewed.  The blog posts get more page views in my experience, but any of the options are good for backlinks.
  • Netleeks - write a short blurb about your lens
  • List My Five - Write short top 5 lists and link back to your lenses in the resources

Your Own Properties - Be sure to backlink to your new lens from your own properties.
  • Blogs -  If you don't have a blog of your own, you can start one for free at Blogger.  Giant Squid Quest is hosted at Blogger.  I also have a mom blog, A Heart Full of Love, and post "Sharing Sunday" where I add links to all the writing I have done weekly around the web.  You can do that with your own blog.
Social Bookmarking - Share your lenses with these social sites
  • Facebook - you can even start a fan page for your Squidoo lenses if you like
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest - link is to my profile page.  Feel free to follow any of my boards.  Pinterest can bring in a huge amount of traffic.  However, don't just only pin your own stuff.  A good rule of thumb is one self-promoting pin for every 9 other pins.
  • Google+ - feel free to follow me
  • Stumbleupon - Don't just stumble your own content.  Be sure to participate and stumble other people's content as well.  The StumbleUpon toolbar makes this quick and easy.
Other Backlink Methods
  • Commentluv Blogs - leave relevant and meaningful comments on blogs with the Commentluv plugin installed.  Use your Squidoo lens url in the url box.  I usually leave about 5 comments per lens.

I hope this list of sites to promote your Squidoo lens was helpful.  Do you have any to add?  Share them below.

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  1. Thank you for the tips, I'm a newbie at squidoo ,there's so much information sometimes my head spins. I also have a blog on blogger...newbie at that too.its at I seem to have forgotten it since ive taken up squidoo. anyway thanks again.