Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Squidoo Community Valentine's Day Challenge

I had a productive morning already.  I noticed a Squidoo quest that was ending shortly where you needed to make a lens about something you love.  So this morning, I wrote a lens about our family's favorite summertime activity - letterboxing.

I have to say Squidoo is definitely on the ball today.  I had my trophy for the challenge and my points within a couple of hours of submitting.  Adding a new trophy to my collection is always fun!

I also got another surprise today.  My collecting elongated coins lens was featured in a post on collections  from Squidoo HQ this morning.  So exciting to be recognized!

Later today, I hope to get started on the week 2 challenge for the Imminent Quest. This week we have to write about something that is red.  I already have my idea.  Just need to do the keyword research and get writing.

Happy Squidooing!

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