Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Less in My WIP List!


I finally buckled down and finished up one of the work in progress lenses I had started awhile ago.  This one is about Running a Successful Blog Giveaway.

I have been running Blog Giveaway Directory for several years now and I have seen a lot of mistakes made that are turning off potential entrants.  So I thought I would make a page to share all the tips and tricks I have come across for making sure your latest blog giveaway is a success.

This is Squidoo lens #56 for me and leaves 7 WIP lenses.  Since some of those lenses were transferred over from another account, I probably still have 10 to go before I get the 50 lenses trophy.  I am going to wait until I get that trophy before I apply for the Giant Squid 50 level. 

Happy Squidooing!  I hope you all have a productive week and get lots of lenses written.

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