Thursday, February 7, 2013

Share Your Collections Quest ~ New Squidoo Lens

I don't participate in every Squidoo Quest that comes along, but one of the latest ones looked fun so I decided to participate.  The quest asked you to create a lens based on something you collect.  One of my hobbies is Collecting Elongated Coins, or pressed pennies as they are also known.  So I had a lot of fun putting this lens together.  It was a lot of writing and images though!  This is lens #52 for me.

In other Squidoo news, last night I was awarded another trophy and I hit level 65.  Is everyone else as obsessed with those trophies as I am?  For hitting level 65, I was awarded a lens rank boost.  I promptly used it on a lens that is getting close to tier 2.

Well I am off to work on one of those 9 lenses that are WIP's.  By the time I clear them all out, I should be close to earning my 50 lens trophy and will be able to apply for the Giant Squid 50 level. 

Happy Squidooing!

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