Sunday, February 3, 2013

Squidoo Writing Update - February 3, 2013

squidoo writing update

I have been doing lots of keyword research this week.  In fact I have 10 work in progress lenses!  Ugh.  Definitely need to buckle down and get those written.  Sometimes I think I enjoy keyword research and coming up with lens ideas more than I enjoy writing the lens itself!  Please tell me I am not alone in having pages and pages of keyword and lens ideas sitting on my desk.


And now for my most recently updated lens...  I put a ton of work over the past week revamping this lens -  200+ places where you can submit your blog giveaway.  Promotion really is the key to running a successful blog giveaway.  This list includes sweepstakes directories, blog giveaway directories, forums, social media sites, giveaway linkies, and more where you can add your blog giveaway for free.  If you host giveaways on your blog, then it is definitely worth checking out.  More


So this upcoming week, my goal is to get those WIP lenses built.  Today I am planning on getting one written for the new Squid Quest that asks you to share your collection.  I am super excited about that one.  Should be a fun lens to put together.

So tell me... What are you up to this week on Squidoo?

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